History of Measurment Webquest

Measurement systems can be considered one of the most useful innovations in the history of mankind! Today, a vast majority of the world uses two systems of measurement: the "Standard" system also called the "English" system is the primary measuring system in the United States, while the rest of the world uses the "Metric" system of measurement. But have you ever stopped to consider what types of systems were around before these two?? The world has only been industrialized for a few hundred years, before then there weren't large companies that could mass produce rulers, beakers, etc. People had to come up with their own ways to measure with things that they had around them!


You and a partner must work together to research three ancient systems of measurement. Once you have researched three different ones you and your partner will choose ONE ancient system of measurement and prepare a 5 slide powerpoint presentation and present it to the class as well as demonstrate the ancient system of measurement!



  1. First, watch the part one and part two of "History of Measurement"
    1. Part 1-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoqRfobGEVw
    2. Part 2-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PM_5AfkJeJs
  2. Next explore the sites listed under Resources to learn more about a wide range off different systems of measurement
  3. Once you've researched a number of systems choose and write down THREE system that you would like to present
  4. Come to my desk so i can approve your presentation topic
    1. You may not get your first choice if another group has already chosen it
  5. Prepare a 5 slide presentation with the following information
    1. Explanation of the system
    2. When the system was used/created
    3. What culture or group of people used the system
    4. Positives of the system
    5. Negatives of the system
  6. You and your partner should be prepared to demonstrate the system of measurement to the class!
  7. When you are finished please come to my desk to schedule your presentation

History of measurement

Origins of Measurements

History of Length Measurement

A Brief History of Weights and Measures

KidsCorner Measurement



Component 5 Points 3 Points 1 Point Total Comments
Information Accurate and complete information is presented in a concise, logical sequence Information gaps and lengthy text are evident Information is incomplete; logical sequence is not evident _ _
Background & Text Background and text compliment each other; easy to read, consistent throughout the presentation Background is not consistent throughout the presentation; text size and color change with each slide Text cannot be read on selected background; text size and color make it difficult to focus on information _ _
Graphics & Transitions Graphics are appropriate and relate to content; transitions are consistent throughout the presentation Few graphics are utilized throughout the presentation, they do not relate to the topic; transitions are not consistent or effective Little or no attempt was made to utilize graphics or transitions _ _
Bibliography A completed and accurate bibliography is included at the conclusion of the presentation Bibliography is included, notation mistakes are evident A bibliography is not included within the presentation _ _
Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar Spell check has been utilized throughout the presentation; correct grammar is evident Several spelling mistakes occur throughout the presentation; a few grammar mistakes are present Spelling mistakes occur throughout the entire presentation, standard grammar usage is not evident _ _

Congratulations! You have ventured through time to explore many types of measurement that mankind has developed. Understanding the basic foundation on which measurement was created will ensure you recognize the significance of our uniform systems of measurement today. Historical technological factors have contributed to the different systems developed, just think of how much better we can measure today with lasers, space telescopes, and electron microscopes!

It will be amazing to see how measurement systems evolve in the future!!

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